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Discover the Pixelo Mighty Design Bundle—over 4000 digital brushes, textures, backgrounds, and more!

Pixelo Mighty Design Bundle: Over 4000 Brushes, Textures, Backgrounds, and More!

Designers are always on the lookout for the best and newest styles out there. Renowned web designer and digital artist resource Pixelo has always anticipated the profession’s needs.

This is why once again, they have decided to release the freshest design styles, tutorials, tools, and resources in a single package. We can consider the Pixelo Mighty Design Bundle as the holy grail of design resources.

It doesn’t just include brush sets or the trendiest fonts and typefaces to set your work apart from other designs. You get 51 new font families with 87 unique variants. In addition, you have 70 text styles and 512 eye-catching textures to release your creative flurry.

True enough, Pixelo features an extensive collection of fonts, textures, and brushes for all your design needs. If you like one, you can just buy it and use it to your heart’s content, right? Now, with the price of just THREE brushes, you get everything from The Mighty Design Bundle. Originally valued at $2,521, you can now get it for just $39!

The Mighty Design Bundle allows you to use it with a commercial license. This gives you the right to use the assets in producing results you’ll use for commercial projects. These include websites, digital products, social media, and even product packaging.

If you think the deal is sweet,
take a look at what’s inside the Mighty Design Bundle here.

A huge design bundle for creatives.
A huge design bundle for creatives.

What’s Inside The Mighty Design Bundle?

  • 51 Font Families With 87 Unique Fonts
  • 67 New and Creative Photoshop Actions
  • 19 Photoshop Mockups
  • 9 Photoshop Tutorials To Enhance Your Skills
  • 500 Exclusive Design Backgrounds
  • 2,987 Unique Vectors
  • 70 Unique and Eye-Catching Text Styles
  • 512 Textures to Fuel Your Creativity
  • 681 New Custom Photoshop Brushes

Fresh and Creative Actions for Photoshop CS3 and Later Versions

With The Mighty Design Bundle, designers can have access to over 67 recorded Photoshop actions. These actions will transform raw images into convincingly vintage black-and-white photos. Adding long text and other elements like shadows with a single touch of a button has never been easier. Trying to make a flat-lay shot look amazing and grander-than-life? Use Majestic Action to your advantage!

The Mighty Design Bundle includes the following Photoshop Actions and a dozen more, allowing you to transform your images from plain to publishing-ready in minutes!

  • 3D Actions
  • 3D Screen Presentation
  • Black and White
  • Elegant Retro
  • Long Shadow Generator
  • Pencil Effect
  • Make-Up Artist Kit

Product Presentation Mockups

Clients want to see how your design works out when it’s done. In fact, it’s one of the most effective methods designers use to convince clients of a compelling design.

Although mockup models are easy to find online, most of them are of low resolution. Additionally, many of them do not convey the mood or style that highlights your design in the best way possible.

The Mighty Design Bundle includes 19 Mockup Sets including the Stationery Set, Business Mockup Presentation, Valentines Card, Textile and Smooth Surface Mockups, and even Smartphone Mockup sets to help you close the deal!

Hurry, the deal ends soon, you can download it here.

All these items are available for only a few days.
All these items are available for only a few days.

Here are a few other mockup sets that come with the bundle:

  • Love Mockup
  • Business Presentation
  • Photoframe
  • Denim
  • Wood
  • Matte
  • Pamphlets
  • Smartphones

Skill-Enhancing Photoshop Tutorials

Pixelo genuinely wants to help designers achieve excellent designs. For this reason, they added Photoshop tutorials to improve your skills. YouTube may offer informative videos, but you would have to find your own tools for hands-on exercises. Pixelo includes all the tools you need to apply what you learned effectively.

There are 9 tutorials available in The Mighty Design Bundle, including:

  • Engraving Effects
  • Photo to Watercolor
  • Concept-Based Posters
  • Vector Shapes
The Pixelo Mighty Design Bundle includes over 4000 products for graphic designers.
The Pixelo Mighty Design Bundle includes over 4000 products for graphic designers.

Text Styles

Whether it’s for something elegant, something hard-edged, or something and scary, Pixelo’s Mighty Design Bundle has all the fonts you need to give your design the right personality. All text styles include their original PSD project files for your convenience.

If you’re tired of your old text styles or find that everyone else is using them, The Mighty Design Bundle’s over 70 text styles should be perfect for your newest projects.

  • Concrete
  • Comic Books
  • Glowing Light
  • Letterpress
  • Advertising


Fonts and typefaces are the heart of excellent banners. They speak the collective point the entire design is trying to get across. A good font will complete a well-made design.

In The Mighty Design Bundle, you have over 51 font families. Each of these families have unique variations amounting to 87 unique fonts you can use in any design. Get enthralled by the inspiring yet casual appearance of Abelia. Or, maybe Aria’s high-fashion curls will complement your recent fashion magazine cover.

Whatever font you need, you will most likely find it in The Mighty Design Bundle’s amazing selection of fonts. Here are some of them.

  • Abelia
  • Barberino
  • Charlie’s Poem
  • Crayonello
  • Eggplant
  • Cutcopy
Special offer: 98 % off! Available for a very limited time!
Special offer: 98 % off! Available for a very limited time!


The Mighty Design Bundle offers dozens of great backgrounds, so why bother with textures?

Sometimes, a background lacks resonation or appeal to artists. But, if they can modify certain elements without any difficulty, they can create something new and exciting to the eyes.

Textures serve that purpose: to create a unique visual result by offering the parts that make up an amazing product. And with 512 textures to choose from, you won’t even need anything else to create an amazing design.

Here are some of the textures available in The Mighty Design Bundle:

  • Grunge
  • Fabric
  • Chipped Paint
  • Linen
  • Denim


A good design brush helps you save time in achieving a particular design texture. In fact, a good brush helps you unleash your full creativity.

However, it takes some time to create Photoshop brushes. The solution? Get a set of brushes that help you save time and achieve productivity quickly.

Want to get a bokeh effect instantly? Try The Mighty Design Bundle’s Bokeh Brushes. Achieving blurred, overlapping colors has never been easier with the package-included Blur Brushes too.

Here are some of the great brushes you can enjoy from The Mighty Design Bundle.

  • Bokeh Light
  • Brick wall
  • Charcoal
  • Clouds
  • Cardboard
  • Concrete
  • Fabric
  • Cracks

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and look no further for the best design resource.

Purchase The Mighty Design Bundle by Pixelo today!