Surreal and abstract mixed media artworks by Matt Vial.

Matt Vial is a designer, artist, and photographer who lives and works in Portland, OR, USA. He specializes in a varied range of creative techniques including acrylics, collage, and photography. Using a vivid array of colors and textures along with mixed media, he’s producing artworks with a slightly cinematic feel. The spectrum of his works ranges from surreal to abstract pieces. Viewers are invited to experience his artworks with their own interpretations. Besides his self initiated projects, Matt has worked as a designer for a bunch of well known clients. In addition, his mixed media artworks could be seen in several exhibitions. A couple of images can be found below. For more, please visit Matt Vial’s website or check out his portfolio on Behance. Enjoy!

Matt Vial, vines
Surreal collage: Vines
Matt Vial, space project
Space project: KEPLER 186-F
Matt Vial, cold air
Cold air – mixed media piece.
Matt Vial, sunburn
Sunburn artwork.
Matt Vial, arteries
Aarteries – abstract art.

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