Manhattan Map by Michael Mullan

Manhattan Map – Wall Art.

American illustrator Michael Mullan has recently created a collection of work comprising of 80 individual pieces. Displayed below is the beautiful artwork of New York’s heart reflecting Mullan’s signature style; finding inspiration from the 1960’s, nature, urban surroundings and blending digital and traditional techniques.

Combining digital and traditional techniques ensures his work gives both handmade and graphic appeal to his audience. Throughout his entire collection the bold blocks of colour, repetition and use of structure pay homage to popular works of the pop art era. Not necessarily through the use of vivid colour recognized artists such as Andy Warhol utilized, as Mullan’s use of colour is much more muted and urban, but through his placement of text, objects and prominence of colour.

In a recent interview with Photowall Michael stated “I’m a sucker for 60’s nostalgia: the decor, fashions, vintage textiles, old rock ‘n roll, jazz and folk music. My art is a reflection of the time when it was both easier times and simpler design. I was born just too late!”

Michael’s love for the 60’s is very evident throughout his collection and the Manhattan Map is no exception. All the cities in Manhattan are correctly positioned and it’s safe to assume that the scale of the text may be reflective of the size and/ or popularity of each city. With a strong focus on text, repetition, texture and colour blocking this piece of work epitomizes the illustrator’s definitive approach to art.

Mullan’s work is available here alongside other designers who show tribute to the Swinging Sixties decade of art and rock and roll.

Manhattan Map - Wall Art by Michael Mullan
Manhattan Map – Wall Art by Michael Mullan
Manhattan Map - Wall Art by Michael Mullan
Manhattan Map – Wall Art by Michael Mullan


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