Madelyn Typeface from Fontfabric

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The Madelyn typeface, a handwritten brush script font plus doodles from Fontfabric.

Foundry Fontfabric has recently published a new script typeface named Madelyn. Made with casual strokes, this brush script is based on a real handwriting. The basic character set comprises full upper and lowercase letters with an extra low x-height as well as high ascenders and descenders. The typeface also includes a varied range of numerals, punctuation, and doodles. Equipped with over 100 ligatures, with Madelyn you can create natural looking handwritings. For additional information, feel free to read more below or click on the following link.

You can get this typeface on Fontspring.

Madelyn typeface from Fontfabric.
This is the Madelyn typeface from Fontfabric.

The extensive set of contextual alternates will help you to give your typographic work a more natural style. Also included is a set of handmade ornaments, icons, and swashes. The extensive character set includes both Latin and Cyrillic letters. You can use this beautiful brush script font for a variety of applications such as invitations, greeting cards, brand and logo design, packaging, titles, posters, just to name a few. The typeface is currently on sale on Fontspring. For additional information, please follow the link below.

The script font is available here.

Brush script font based on a real handwriting.
A brush script font based on a real handwriting.
Latin and Cyrillic letters as well as ligatures.
Latin and Cyrillic letters as well as ligatures.
A handwritten typeface plus doodles.
A handwritten typeface plus doodles.

You can download this typeface for low budget on Fontspring.

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