Take a look at Casa D, a luxury home designed by studio L2C Arquitectura.

Designed by studio L2C Arquitectura, the D house was created for a family of five. Through its volumetric simplicity, it disguises any structural complexity. By positioning large boxes atop the highest part of the land, the interior and outdoor spaces are organized via layout and orientation. In doing so, the house opens up to exterior views while protecting its interior from nuisances—all with a picturesque view of Braga cityscape in mind. While the horizontal boxes establish relationships with the exterior, it’s the vertical box at the entrance that pulls us in and shows off both floors of this home.

The spaces were ranked based on their corresponding functions. The more private areas are located upstairs, while the social and service-based spaces occupy the bottom floor where you can open all the windows to create one big area.

Below you can see a few images shot by architectural photographer Ivo Tavares.

A Luxury House in Braga, Portugal by by studio L2C Arquitectura
A Luxury House in Braga, Portugal by by studio L2C Arquitectura

All images © by Ivo Tavares and L2C Arquitectura. Check out other inspiring projects from around the globe in the Architecture section.

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