Check out the logofolio volume one by Argentinian graphic designer Maribel Martel.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maribel Martel is a graphic designer specializing in a great variety of creative work ranging from simple logo designs to extensive branding and communication campaigns. Just some days ago, the talented graphic designer published the first edition of her logofolio. The collection includes designs for a great mix of international clients. Just have a look below. For those of you who want to see more of Maribel Martel’s creative work, please visit her complete portfolio on Behance.

Logofolio by Maribel Martel.
Logofolio by Maribel Martel.

All images © by Maribel Martel. Are you interested to see other creative projects? If so, I recommend you to browse through our popular Graphic Design and Branding categories. Both sections include a handpicked selection of outstanding work created by professional designers from all over the world. In addition, you can find premium graphic design resources in our Templates category or trending typefaces in the Fonts section. WE AND THE COLOR is an award-winning online magazine dedicated to creative professionals.

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