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Discover the art of Japanese embroidery, which involves mending and patching clothes to create sustainable fashion.

Sashiko Stitchery originated in 17th-century Japan and was used by working-class people who faced harsh living conditions and limited resources. Cotton was scarce, so they reinforced it with stitching to make it more durable. When it eventually tore, they would embroider over it with repurposed materials, giving it new life. What was once a necessity has now become a popular fashion trend. However, Atsushi Fatatsuya, a sashiko garment maker, it represents much more. As a descendant of a family of Sashiko practitioners, it is a meaningful expression of his Japanese cultural heritage and a part of his destiny.

Atsushi, who has experience in creating clothing for both stores and individuals, offers an online course that goes beyond Sashiko’s fashion appeal. You will explore the rich history of these stitches, their cultural importance, and how to incorporate them into your preferred garments.

Learn Japanese Sashiko Stitching
Learn Japanese Sashiko Stitching

What can be expected from this online course in terms of learning outcomes?

Atsushi Fatatsuya’s lifelong connection with Sashiko stitchery stems from his family’s livelihood. In his teachings, he delves into the roots and principles of this technique, while also imparting the necessary skills for you to master it on your own.

Discover the vibrant patchwork of Boro and learn how to begin creating its intricate patterns. Atsushi will guide you through the process of preparing your fabric and maintaining the quality of your thread throughout your work.

Are you ready to start stitching your final project? Atsushi is here to guide you through different styles and help you find the perfect size for your piece. Discover how to create knots and stay true to the essence of Sashiko by enjoying the process rather than just focusing on the end result.

When repairing clothes, consider integrating Sashiko and approach it as more than just a technique, but also a mindset. Atsushi will provide guidance on tackling bigger projects and continuing to utilize this method as a means of preserving culture.

Upon completion of this course, you will possess a comprehensive comprehension of Sashiko and acquire the proficiency to effectively stitch, patch, and mend utilizing its techniques.

Atsushi suggests buying the Special Supply Package, but it’s optional. To proceed, you’ll require thread, natural dyes, a Sashiko needle, and thimble, and some fabric you already have.

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