With this online course by Laura Algarra, you can learn the basics of designing a crochet sweater, from creating a professional pattern to determining the size.

Laura Algarra is a designer and teacher specializing in crochet garments and accessories. In her online course, Laura will show you some basics of pattern making and sizing to transform your creative ideas into stylish crochet garment designs. You will learn everything from basic stitches to how to apply them in your own designs. Just take this online course to create patterns that you can share with other DIY fashion lovers.

You will have a look at the materials you need, move further into the design process, and learn how to calculate different sizes using your prototype. The course consists of 19 lessons. They are online anytime, so you can learn at your own pace.

Crochet Garment Design: Pattern Making and Sizing
Crochet Garment Design: Pattern Making and Sizing

All images © by Laura Algarra. You can find more recommended online courses on WE AND THE COLOR.

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