Erotic typographic artworks created by French illustrator Malika Favre with animations by Patrick Smith.

The ‘Kama Sutra A-Z‘ is a typographic illustration project that was initially created by Malika Favre back in 2013. Now in 2020, the London-based French artist and illustrator decided to publish this body of work in a limited edition book in collaboration with Counter-Print.

Created in Malika Favre’s bold and minimalist signature style, all 26 letters of the alphabet are displayed as individual erotic illustrations with a strong focus on female poets. The complete series is based on a sense of timeless erotica. These artworks are meant as a celebration of joy, pleasure, and sensuality.

With animations by Patrick Smith, below you can see all artworks. For those of you who want to purchase the limited edition book, just visit Malika Favre’s online shop or browse through her website to see more of her creative work.

All images © by Malika Favre. Do not hesitate to check out other inspiring work in our Illustration and Motion category.

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