Jack Hudson Illustrations

Selected personal illustrations by Jack Hudson.

With our third feature of Jack Hudson’s creative work, we want to focus on some of his personal illustrations. Born in Birmingham, UK, Jack Hudson is an outstanding freelance illustrator who currently lives and works in East London. Mainly inspired by mid-century designs, human interaction, and adventure films from his childhood, he loves to create distinctively energetic illustrations. With much enthusiasm and a great sense of humor, his colorful work often depicts an interaction between the great and the small things of life. His illustrations could be seen in numerous magazines and books, nationally and abroad. In addition to his commissioned work, he loves to work on self initiated projects and personal illustrations. Please read more below the first picture.

Jack Hudson, The Boppers.
The Boppers.

The selected artworks have been produced during the past few years either for diverse exhibitions and publications. For those of you who want to know more about this talented illustrator, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Jack Hudson, Daft as a Brush.
Daft as a Brush.
Jack Hudson, Experiments with Interaction.
Experiments with Interaction.
Jack Hudson, Hangtime.
Jack Hudson, She's Electric.
She’s Electric.
Jack Hudson, Yuppie Roll.
Yuppie Roll.

All images © by Jack Hudson. Feel free to see more inspiring work in our Illustration category. On WE AND THE COLOR you can find a handpicked selection of unique and colorful artworks created by some of the most talented illustrators from around the globe.