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Take a look at Isabella Grand, a stylish serif typeface for elegant typographic designs.

Designed by Nicky Laatz, Isabella Grand is the very epitome of style and grace. The typeface has two distinct styles, Regular and Italic, that can be used together or separately for maximum versatility. Its serif features a unique ‘f’ that makes it stand out from other fonts… Isabella Grand always seeks to excel above its peers! Alternate characters are also available with a regular ‘f’, as well as an extra font style imbued with classic elegance for projects demanding something subtler.

The Italic font style is charming, seductive, and graceful – the ideal complement to its more serious serif counterpart. For those seeking an alternative look for their text, OpenType Alternates provide a range of options that can be easily accessed through Opentype-capable software.

To access the stylish “ti” in italics, you’ll need to activate your Opentype Ligatures. Their double-letter ligature feature will provide extra flair and elegance to your typography! Keep in mind that only software with an Opentype capability can use these features. We recommend professional software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.

The expansive character set is suitable for multiple languages, such as Danish, English, French, German, German (Switzerland), Italian, Low German Luxembourgish Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk Portuguese Swedish, and Swiss German.

Isabella Grand Typeface by Nicky Laatz
Isabella Grand Typeface by Nicky Laatz

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