Serviceplan Innovation teamed up with Han Gao of Workbyworks Studio to produce WASTECARE™ for AIZOME.

At Serviceplan Innovation, their primary focus is to boost the growth of creative startups by leveraging innovative communication strategies. In partnership with Han Gao, founder and designer of Workbyworks Studio, they developed their latest project WASTECARE™ for textile startup AIZOME.

AIZOME utilizes a patented ultrasonic dyeing technique that guarantees chemical-free fabrics. This results in textiles that offer health benefits and wastewater that is also beneficial for health.

Serviceplan Innovation has launched a creative campaign aimed at promoting sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. As part of this campaign, they are sending out their dyeing wastewater, cleverly packaged as skincare products, to key stakeholders in the industry. By showcasing the AIZOME process and challenging traditional perceptions around textile waste, they hope to inspire designers, producers, and decision-makers to join forces and work towards a more sustainable future for the industry.

Industrial Waste Presented as Skincare
Industrial Waste Presented as Skincare

All images © by Serviceplan Innovation and Workbyworks Studio. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring graphic design, branding, and packaging design categories on WE AND THE COLOR.


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