Discover the creative world of Estevan Silveira.

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Estevan Silveira is an accomplished illustrator who holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Federal University of Santa Maria. Since his relocation to this bustling metropolis back in 2010, he has dedicated himself to honing and perfecting his craft with design and illustration.

For the past few years, Estevan has had the chance to work with publishers, producers, and design/advertising agencies. Nowadays he concentrates on creating style frames for film and television programs as well as concept art for advertising goals in collaboration with production companies. Furthermore, Estevan is delighted by making posters and book & magazine covers due to his passion for them!

Estevan is an incredibly talented illustrator who loves to experiment with different art styles and techniques. His distinctive use of colors, as well as his masterful understanding of the interplay between positive/negative spaces, make his artwork stand out from other works in the industry. With every piece he creates, we are taken on a journey through shapes and textures that blur the boundaries between imagination and reality.

Estevan loves to pass the time with activities like watching films, listening to music, playing guitar, and gaming. Music is integral to his creative process; it’s as if he allows his illustrations to move in accordance with their beats and melodies. He crafts each piece through digital tools that replicate traditional media such as brushes, nankeen paintwork, and diverse finishes.

Estevan is a devoted fan of horror and sci-fi movies, games, and music – he can’t get enough! He derives immense satisfaction from creating pieces that tell stories by exploring metaphors and symbols. Although Estevan loves pop culture themes in particular, his enthusiasm for illustration encompasses much more than just these genres; science fiction to fantasy (and everything else) are all within reach.

Below you can see a few examples of Estevan Silveira’s work. Please visit his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram for more.

Illustrations by Estevan Silveira
Illustrations by Estevan Silveira

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