I AM AN ACTOR by Franck Bohbot

“I AM AN ACTOR”, photographer Franck Bohbot captures portraits of actors in their places of daily work.

Our last year’s feature of Franck Bohbot’s “Light On” photo series attracted much attention. From 2013 – 2014, the photographer and visual artist has captured different places and buildings, which perfectly reflect New York City’s unique and charming lifestyle. This time I want to show you a little more of his work. Since 2015, the French born creative mind is working on an ongoing project called “I am an actor.” Due to the competitive nature of this profession as well as the high costs of living in New York City, most actresses and actors have to devote time to an additional part-time or even full-time job to support themselves. Read more below.

Charlie Gillette – actress and receptionist at a film production company.
Charlie Gillette is an actress and receptionist at a film production company.

In collaboration with interviewer Philippe Ungar, Franck Bohbot takes pictures of diverse New York City based actresses and actors not on stage, but in their places of daily work. Each photograph shows a frozen moment of the actor’s daily life. Together with an interview, the series gives personal details and insights into the everyday life of the actor. Furthermore, each image explores the idea of playing a role in everyday life just like on stage. You can find much more of the series on Franck Bohbot’s website, just check it out here.

Michael Jay Henry – actor and divorce mediator.
Michael Jay Henry works as actor and divorce mediator.
Carolina Do – actress and waitress – photo by Franck Bohbot.
Carolina Do is working as actress and waitress at An Choi bar in New York City. The photo was captured in 2015 by Franck Bohbot.
Paul Mitchell – actor, flyer distributor, and curriculum writer.
Paul Mitchell works as actor and flyer distributor in Times Square and curriculum writer.
Jody Doo – actress and preschool teacher – photo by Franck Bohbot.
Jody Doo is an actress and preschool teacher. The image was taken by Franck Bohbot in 2015.
Laura Kamin – actress and Maitre d’.
Laura Kamin is working as actress and Maitre d’ in New York City.
Ted Jan Roberts – actor and bicycle messenger.
Ted Jan Roberts is a New York based actor and bicycle messenger.
Nanda Valencia – actress and waitress.
Nanda Valencia is an actress and waitress at a vegan restaurant in New York City.
Zach Wachter – actor and waiter at a Japanese restaurant.
Zach Wachter works as actor and waiter at a Tribeca based Japanese restaurant. The photo was taken by Franck Bohbot in 2015.


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