KLAR architects designed this sustainable home for a family of four.

Located on the south edge of the Rybí village in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic, the shape of the house is influenced by the minimum required setbacks from existing underground gas storage tanks and the forest nearby. The site offers picturesque views of the surrounding pastures, woods, and village houses.

“The clients specified that the building program should include a home for a family of four and a separate unit for their grandparents. They wanted the house made of wood and also sustainable in the sense that it should be easy to build and cost-effective in operation. They also wanted to be able to build the house themselves, at least partially.”

Below you can see a few images of the house. For more, please visit KLAR architects’ website. You can also follow them on Instagram. Full credits can be found at the end of the article.

All images © by KLAR architects
Photographer: Václav Novák
Structural engineering: Martin Wünsche
Fire safety engineering: Pavla Tvrdá
Contractor: Richard Kovář
EPC: Tomáš Brückner

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