Architect Thomas Löwenstein has designed this black wooden house near Los Molles in Chile.

Situated on a hillside near the beach town of Los Molles in Chile, this house provides breathtaking views towards the valley with the mountains in the back on one side and views of the beach on the other. Designed by Thomas Löwenstein for a family, the walls of the house are covered with burnt wood while all interior spaces are characterized by white painted wood. A staircase in the middle of the house connects the lover level with the upper level. All photographs below were taken by Alejandro Gálvez. To see more of Thomas Löwenstein’s architectural work, please have a look at his portfolio.

House in Los Molles, Chile by Thomas Löwenstein.
A wood house in Los Molles, Chile by Thomas Löwenstein.
View towards the valley and the mountains.
The breathtaking view towards the valley with the mountains behind.
Entrance area and terrace.
The left image shows the entrance area and the right image shows the terrace.
Modern black house.
A modern black house in Chile’s rural environment.
Sun protected spaces.
Sun protected spaces.
Living room.
The spacious living room.
Staircase to the upper level.
The staircase to the upper level.
White walls.
Contrary to the black coated wood of the exterior, the interior spaces are characterized by white walls.

All images © by Alejandro Gálvez and Thomas Löwenstein. Feel free to find more inspiring work in our popular Architecture and Interior Design categories.


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