Directed by Amandine Senny, Horizon is a beautiful stop-motion animation based on the boundless desire for freedom.

The film was made as part of a residency program at Supamonks Studio in Paris. Amandine Senny wrote the script, built the sets and the puppets, animated and directed everything. The story is about a city surrounded by a huge wall. As the horizon has been taken, the inhabitants of the city live a bleak and oppressed life. A young woman starts a fight on her own for hope to resume among her people.

Just watch this beautifully-directed short film. Some stills can be found below the video. To see more of Amandine Senny’s creative work, please visit her website or follow her on Vimeo and YouTube.

Horizon, a stop-motion short film by Amandine Senny.
Some stills taken from the short-film.
Horizon, a stop-motion short film by Amandine Senny.
More stills from Horizon, a masterfully directed stop-motion short film by Amandine Senny.

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