Henrique Oliveira – Brazilian Artist

Sculptures, paintings, and installations by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira.

Born in 1973, Henrique Oliveira is a Brazilian artist who lives and works in São Paulo. He received his BA in Painting from School of Communication and Arts at University of São Paulo in 2004 and a MA in Visual Poetics in 2007 from the same academy. The versatile artist loves to work with different media ranging from painting to sculptures and large installations. Please read more below the first image.

Henrique Oliveira – Meiosis
Meiosis, a sculpture from 2014 created by Henrique Oliveira with plywood and furniture.

Henrique Oliveira is fascinated by the interaction of man-made constructions and organic shapes. His large installations often occupy the vast expanse of spacious galleries. Using a variety of recycled materials, paint, and plywood, he creates artworks that draw the observer into a sculptural environment.

Henrique Oliveira’s outstanding work could be seen in countless international exhibitions. For those of you who want to see more of his artworks, please check out the images below or visit his website: www.henriqueoliveira.com

Henrique Oliveira – Desnatureza 2
Desnatureza 2 – The installation is part of a private collection based in Houston, TX.
Henrique Oliveira – Desnatureza
Desnatureza – That was made with plywood at Halerie Vallois in Paris, France in 2011.
Henrique Oliveira – Hall of the Reds
Henrique Oliveira – Hall of the Reds
Henrique Oliveira – Ursulinens Prolapse
Internal view of an installation called “Ursulinens Prolapse”. This walkable installation at OK Center in Linz, Austria was made with foam and pigments in 2012.

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