Dreamy drawings by Austrian illustrator Hans-Christian Kogler.

Based in Salzburg, Austria, Hans-Christian Kogler is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. In 2017, he has co-founded the design agency PunktFormStrich together with Gregor Sams. Hans-Christian Kogler mostly specializes in ballpen drawings in combination with digital coloring. Below you can see a selection of four drawings. For more, just have a look at his portfolio.

Hans-Christian Kogler Illustration
“Personalized reality deals with a topic that has become part of every­day life. Filter bubbles and fake news dominate us, presenting more and more content in which we find ourselves, that resonate with our beliefs and reinforces them. Our personalized reality. This work uses the Western symbolism of the three monkeys to refuse to admit everything bad. However, my reinterpretation of this presentation goes one step further. It shows the unreflective consumption of content. Everything outside the bubble you do not want to believe. In other words, listen, see, and share your personal reality!”
Hans-Christian Kogler Illustration
Temptation, 2019 Ballpoint on paper, digital coloring print (420mm x 594mm)
Hans-Christian Kogler Illustration
Stay Creative
Hans-Christian Kogler Illustration
Four flamingos and one sparrow

All images © by Hans-Christian Kogler. Do not hesitate to browse through our Illustration category for more inspiring work.

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