HABITAT, an experimental motion design project by Oskar Rene Fülöp that represents a homage to all the rejected and disregarded ideas.

Oskar Rene Fülöp is an exceptional freelance 3D motion designer and interactive media artist. About his latest project he says: “HABITAT is the result of one year worth of rejected ideas, workflows and assets that never made it to fruition as a commercial project. As far as design goes an art director has to go against his own tastes opting for the best interpretation. A great chunk of these projects don’t even make it through the research and development phase, which does not speak for the works own quality. This project represents a homage to all the rejected and disregarded ideas that culminate in a creative persons everyday life. Contentwise the project deals with the topographic presentation of various objects and motions, in order to create a language of form which grows organically whilst sustaining the aspects of its technical construction.”

Check out the video and some stills below. For more of Oskar Rene Fülöp, please have a look at his website or follow him on Vimeo. Sound design was masterfully done by Tobias Katzenberger (www.squaredenker.com).

Still from the animation.
Still from the animation.
Another still from the animation.
Another still from the animation.

Any footage © by Oskar Rene Fülöp. The film is also featured in our YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe here.

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