Check out this funky new brand identity of Giddy Citizen, a modern company with a modern approach to wellbeing.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Giddy Citizen is a memorable lifestyle brand creating feel-good products for everyday people within the wellness space.

The creative people at studio Smack Bang have been asked to work on a suitable brand identity that encapsulates the very essence of Giddy Citizen’s playful nature whilst highlighting their authority in the modern wellness space. Smack Bang came up with an actionable and user-friendly strategy.

“A custom-illustrated hero character presents a unique, eye-catching mascot with an infectious spirit to boot. A bold wordmark seeks to match the punch of flavor found in Giddy Citizen products, with a soft edge that feels both friendly and inviting. The result is a thoughtfully considered brand identity elevating a unique brand voice in the wellness space that feels as comforting as it does exciting—delivering serious results in the silliest way.”

All images © by Smack Bang. Do not hesitate to browse through our Graphic Design and Branding categories to find other inspiring work from all over the world.


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