Futura Now—the most Futura ever.

Edwin Shaar, Steve Matteson, Terrance Weinzierl, Juan Villanueva, and the Monotype Studio have revised Paul Renner’s iconic Futura typeface to bring back some much-needed humanity to the world of geometric sans serifs. Futura Now contains 102 styles including new Headline and Text weights as well as new Script and Display weights and styles plus new decorative variants (outlines, inlines, shadows, and fill).

Steve Matteson, Monotype’s Creative Type Director who led the design team says: “Despite its reputation as the ultimate modern typeface, Futura Now is surprisingly warm. It’s just as at home set next to a leafy tree as it is next to a stainless-steel table because it skillfully navigates the border between super-clean geometry and humanist warmth.”

The entire family is currently available as a heavily discounted introductory offer on MyFonts. To learn more, just click on the following link or have a look at the images below.

Futura Now from Monotype.
Futura Now font family from Monotype.
Futura Now from Monotype.
Futura Now font family from Monotype.

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