Federico Bebber – Digital Art

Surreal and otherworldly portraits created by Italian digital artist Federico Bebber.

Born in 1974 in Udine, Italy, Federico Bebber is a digital artist who uses photography as a basis to create semi-abstracted portraits. He skillfully separates any content from its usual backdrop in order to mix and merge it with wistful elements and a wide ranging color palette. Within a surreal and dreamlike environment, his digital work is exposed to become a mind-blowing metamorphosis. Despite this somewhat gloomy mood, which is definitely expressed in most of his portraits, the artist always hides a hint of humor in his work. Through the use of striking colors and beautiful photography, viewers are dragged into these surreal worlds. Federico Bebber’s creative process usually takes place slowly at night.

A few examples of his dreamlike work can be found below. For more, please do not hesitate and visit his website. Just check it out here: www.eiko.biz

Fear of the dark – digital art by Federico Bebber.
Fear of the dark – digital art made with Adobe Photoshop.
Talking with ghosts by Federico Bebber.
Talking with ghosts, an artwork created by Federico Bebber. Most of his portraits are based on a semi-abstract look created with different digital elements and diverse colors.
A sad tale of unforgivable mistakes by Federico Bebber.
A sad tale of unforgivable mistakes by Federico Bebber.
Unforgivable mistakes by Federico Bebber.
Another touching work of the series “Unforgivable mistakes”.

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