At Endoclinic, their focus is on providing medical consultations and endoscopic exams. The medical clinic specializes in gastroenterology, internal medicine, and proctology. As they seek to expand our reach, they are exploring the creation of new branches and the addition of integrative medical services to meet the needs of their patients.

Rodrigo Balbino, a Fortaleza, Brazil-based graphic designer was commissioned to work on a suitable visual identity for Endosclínica. Some visuals of the case study can be seen below. For more, please visit his website or follow him on Behance.

Endosclínica Branding by Rodrigo Balbino
Endosclínica Branding by Rodrigo Balbino

All images © by Rodrigo Balbino. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring graphic design and branding projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

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