Branding and packaging design by Tenzing Brand Sherpa for Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea.

In 2016, Arjan van Woensel aka Tenzing Brand Sherpa was responsible to develop the visual identity and entire packaging range for Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea. This is what he told us about the project: “We’ve really pushed our suppliers to come up with 100% eco-friendly solutions. The lining and plastic window in the bag for instance is specially created for Dutch Harvest with cellulose-based plastic. And the paper bag itself is made from agricultural waste. Both the manufacturers (Bio4Pack and Paperwise) worked together to create a unique, super sustainable, 100% bio degradable, lined pouch.
And the packs are filled by people who work in sheltered employment, so it’s done with social responsibility as well. And of course the product itself — hemp leafs — is actually a by-product of hemp production. (Hemp production for fibers, that is.) Hemp is an incredible, soil-enriching plant. You can find more information on:

The design needed to reflect the eco-cred of the product BUT (and this was a big but) without becoming too weirdy-beardy. That’s why the flavors of the tea are also very special — created together with a tea sommelier — and not your run of the mill granola-type of hippy tea. We opted for a bold eco-vibe with a special Dutch Harvest character. And it needed to jump from the (boring) tea shelves as well.

As a designer I like to work with founder/partners who really care about their product and their brand. I help them create something that aligns with their aspirations and ideas as well as their business goals. That’s why I call myself Tenzing, the brand sherpa.”

Check out the project below or find more of Arjan van Woensel’s creative work on Behance.

Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea - design by Tenzing Brand Sherpa.
Design by Tenzing Brand Sherpa.
Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea, Back of the packaging.
Back of the packaging.
Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea, Cardboard box with business cards.
Cardboard box with business cards.
Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea, Business cards.
Business cards.
Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea, Poster design.
Poster design.

All images © by Arjan van Woensel aka Tenzing Brand Sherpa.


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