Daniel Mullen Exhibition at Anise Gallery, London

Visit Daniel Mullen’s current exhibition: ‘Constructing the Future’ at Anise Gallery in London, UK.

Starting today, ‘Constructing the Future’ is a new solo show by Holland-based visual artist Daniel Mullen. From June 9 – July 15, 2016, the exhibition at London’s Anise Gallery presents a new collection of Mullen’s futuristic and abstract paintings. With significant influences from futurism, geometry, and architecture, his artworks draw the viewer into a realm of space and form. The artist seemingly transforms the canvas into a gateway to a wide spectrum of imagination and possibilities. Employing techniques developed by the likes of Mondrian in the De Stijl movement, Daniel Mullen’s stunning work seems to materialize the term of ‘neo-plasticism’. His contemporary paintings refer to a branch of abstraction with diverse lines, shapes, and colors. Read more details below the first artwork.

Active Expansion – abstract and futuristic painting by Daniel Mullen.
Active Expansion – abstract and futuristic painting by Daniel Mullen.

‘Constructing the Future’ is an exploration of the relation between reality, imagination, perception, and illusion. Mullen’s work highlights the interface between the stability of constructed structures and the transience and fragility in weightlessness. His paintings are illusions, which raise the question of perception, like the shadows on the wall in the analogy of Plato’s cave. ‘Constructing the Future’ at London’s Anise Gallery is Daniel Mullen’s first exhibit in the UK. A selection of his work can be found in both public and private collections around the world. If you are in or near London these days, I highly recommend you to visit the exhibition.

Anise Gallery
13a Shad Thames
London, UK

Daniel Mullen – Future.
Daniel Mullen – Future. Like an architect, the artist creates his own universe of lines, space, and shapes.
Daniel Mullen – Tropism.
Daniel Mullen – Tropism. His work draws inspiration from Mondrian and the De Stijl movement.

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