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Creating a clean and highly professional brand guidelines presentation is essential for any business looking to maintain a consistent and polished image. With the right tools and templates, this task becomes much simpler. One such invaluable tool is the fully customizable brand guidelines presentation template designed by Adobe Stock contributor GraphicArtist. This template, available in Adobe InDesign, is the perfect solution for crafting a professional brand guide that will impress your clients and stakeholders.

Please note that this template requires Adobe InDesign. You can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website—take a look here.

A clean, modern brand guidelines presentation template by GraphicArtist for Adobe InDesign
A clean, modern brand guidelines presentation template by GraphicArtist for Adobe InDesign

Why Choose This Template?

This brand guidelines presentation template is designed in the modern size of 1920×1080 px, making it perfect for both digital and print use. It consists of 24 customizable pages, providing ample space to cover all aspects of your brand. Whether you need to outline logo usage, typography, color palettes, or stationery designs, this template has you covered.

Features and Style

1. Versatile Layouts

Each of the 24 pages is designed with a specific purpose in mind, from logo usage and color palettes to typography and application. This allows you to present every aspect of your brand in a clear and organized manner.

2. Modern and Clean Design

The template boasts a modern, minimalist design with a clean layout that emphasizes professionalism. The use of bold typography, ample white space, and well-structured sections ensures that the information is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Customizable Elements

Every element in the template is fully customizable. You can easily change colors, fonts, images, and text to match your brand’s identity. This flexibility allows you to tailor the presentation to fit your specific needs perfectly.

4. High-Quality Design

Designed by a professional Adobe Stock contributor, this template guarantees high-quality design standards. The attention to detail in the layouts, typography, and overall design ensures your brand guidelines will look polished and professional.

How to Use the Template

  1. Download and Open in Adobe InDesign
    Begin by downloading the template from Adobe Stock. Open the file in Adobe InDesign to start customizing.
  2. Customize the Layouts
    Replace the placeholder text and images with your own brand assets. Adjust the color scheme to match your brand’s colors. Modify the typography settings to reflect your brand’s font choices.
  3. Organize Your Content
    Utilize the structured layouts to organize your content logically. Use sections for logo usage, primary and secondary color palettes, typography, application examples, and more.
  4. Finalize and Export
    Once you’ve customized all the pages, review your work to ensure everything aligns with your brand’s identity. Export the final document in your desired format, whether it’s for digital distribution or print.

Benefits of Using a Professional Template

  • Time-Saving: Using a pre-designed template saves significant time compared to creating a brand guide from scratch.
  • Consistency: Ensures that all aspects of your brand are presented consistently and professionally.
  • Flexibility: The ability to customize every element means you can create a truly unique brand guide that stands out.


Investing in a high-quality, customizable brand guidelines presentation template like the one designed by GraphicArtist can elevate your brand’s professionalism and consistency. With its modern design, customizable features, and organized layouts, this template is the perfect tool for any business looking to create a stunning brand guide. Download this template today and start building a brand presentation that truly reflects your business’s identity and values.

For more information and to download this template, visit Adobe Stock. Transform your brand guidelines into a professional and visually appealing presentation effortlessly.

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