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With Pedro Correa as your teacher, you can learn how to use ink, paper, and Photoshop to create a composition that looks like an old print.

Artist Pedro Correa has found the perfect aesthetic for his work by combining digital and analog illustrations. His success has led him to work with renowned companies such as Showtime, Heineken, UFC, and Netflix. Since 2017, he has been sponsored by Moleskine.

This online course will teach you how to create a retro illustration using a combination of paper, ink, and digital tools in Photoshop. Under Pedro’s instruction, you will complete a series of illustration exercises by hand to experiment with different materials and learn digital painting and texturing techniques. By the end of the course, you will have a high-quality illustration suitable for printing.

Online Course Contemporary Illustrations with a Retro Aesthetic
Online Course Contemporary Illustrations with a Retro Aesthetic

What topics will be covered in this online course?

Learn about Pedro Correa’s career in illustration and how he gained international recognition for his work. Additionally, discover his major influences in the realm of visual arts.

To improve your drawing skills, begin by experimenting with drawing by hand using both white and India ink. Once you have a good understanding of these techniques, you can then move on to exploring digital painting and texturing processes. Pedro will show you how to use Brushes and other tools in Photoshop for this purpose. Additionally, he will explain how to organize your creative references effectively.

It’s time to start working on your final project. Use the skills you’ve learned and create a digital composition. Then, transfer your work onto paper and enhance it by incorporating analog textures, giving your piece a vintage touch.

Afterward, use Photoshop to add color to your artwork by digitizing it again. Pedro will guide you in adding the final touches and special effects to enhance the texture further. Lastly, explore different color schemes and discover how to save and prepare your file for printing. With these steps, you can create a stylized, professional illustration ready to present to your client.

What is the project for this course?

Produce a composition with a vintage flair by utilizing both traditional and digital illustration techniques, incorporating distinctive artistic styles.

To take this course, you must have a foundational understanding of illustration and Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, you will need specific materials such as watercolor paper, sulfite paper, India ink for both pens and brushes, rulers, a light table, a scanner, and a computer with Adobe Photoshop already installed.

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