Clavo – Slab Serif Font Family by Dada Studio

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Clavo – Multipurpose Slab Serif Type Family.

This young typeface already received some honours. The Clavo font family was used for the Exhibition Call For Type – New Typefaces and the stunning slab serif typeface is presented in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany. Polish Font designer Michał Jarociński created the Clavo type family in 2013 (Type Publisher: Dada Studio). This multipurpose slab serif family offers subtle details, and classical shapes. Its harmonious typeface makes Clavo a universal font, great for the use in headlines as well as small and long texts. The complete font family includes 10 weights plus italics. Clavo’s kerning was not created in a linear way. Michał Jarociński adjusted it carefully to create a perfect optical harmony between the letters. The various OpenType featurtes such as discretionary ligatures, small capitals, a wide set of numerals, and fractions make this type family a great font for professional use in any kind of typography projects. The Clavo family is available as Webfont and Desktop font and supports all latin languages.

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Clavo - slab serif font family by Dada Studio
Clavo – slab serif font family by Dada Studio
Clavo - 10 Weights
Clavo – 10 Weights
Clavo - Discretionary Ligatures
Clavo – Discretionary Ligatures
Clavo - Multiple Language Support
Clavo – Multiple Language Support
Clavo - OpenType Features
Clavo – OpenType Features

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