Artworks of dark beauty and wonder created with charcoal by James Rawson.

James Rawson is a contemporary artist from the UK. He has completed a BA Honors in Fine Art at Loughborough University in 2011 and currently lives and works in Norfolk, England.

His charcoal works are stunning executions of simplicity. Cast into geometric forms, the various surface textures masterfully play with the light. The artist says:
“Charcoal has always been a fundamental artist’s material, it was even used by our earliest ancestors to make cave art, creating a feeling of connection to our history when you use it. However, we also have a much greater spiritual connection to this material. Charcoal is almost pure carbon and we are carbon-based life forms. Charcoal and humans are one and the same, two carbon objects. You could think of them like black mirrors, what you are really seeing is a representation of yourself. You are the artwork and the artwork is you.”

Below you can find a small selection of artworks. For more, please visit James’ website:

James Rawson, Earth and Fire
Earth and Fire
James Rawson, Monolith
James Rawson, Rise tied
Rise tied
James Rawson, The Divide
The Divide
James Rawson, Velvet Dreams
Velvet Dreams

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