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Design your own style guide and web page while learning all the details of Canva.

In this online course, Claudia Cánovas, founder of the graphic design agency Aplum Studio, will teach you how to use Canva – an all-in-one design tool that allows you to create portfolios, presentations, posters, videos, social media posts, and web layouts all in one place. The course will start from scratch.

Learn how to use all of Canva’s features to create professional visual content under her guidance. Discover how to design stories that resonate with your target audience and utilize simplicity to improve a brand’s visual identity.

Beginners Canva Online Course
Beginners Canva Online Course

What can you expect to gain from taking this online course?

At the start of the course, Claudia Cánovas introduces herself and talks about her career and the work she does at Aplum Studio. She also discusses her main sources of inspiration, including the social media accounts she follows.

Explore Canva’s homepage and check out its main features to get familiar with the platform. Learn how to customize your workspace, which can help you be more efficient in your creative process, and explore the various design options that are available.

To develop your style guide, start by learning how to work with graphic elements and images, and how to export your materials from Illustrator to Canva. Once you’ve mastered the basics, move on to making custom fonts and exploring photo and video editing to make your designs more dynamic. This tutorial is in English.

To begin building your web page, search for inspiration and determine the layout of your information. Then, Claudia will guide you through the design process and teach you how to publish your finished page.

In conclusion, learn about Canva’s advanced functions that enable you to generate intricate mock-ups, collaborate with clients or your team by sharing documents, and modify videos to produce reels for Instagram.

What is the project for this course?

You will create a style guide and design a web page using Canva. While the free version of Canva can be used, Canva Pro provides more creative possibilities and design options.

For whom is this online course intended?

If you want to learn to make professional designs with a tool that has everything you need, then this is for you.

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