Bicyclette – Trendy Sans-Serif Font Family by Nikola Kostić

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Bicyclette Sans-Serif Font Family.

Bicyclette is a trendy sans-serif font family by type designer Nikola Kostić. Its characteristics are based on balance and elegance. This led to the name “Bicyclette”. Kostić wanted to design a sans font that offers a high degree of contrast between large capitals and uncommonly short lower case as well as a good balance between harmonic curves and sharp angles. The Bicyclette sans-serif font family consists of six weights. Its bold weights have an eye catching effect in headlines, while the thinner versions convey well readability in small and long texts. Bicyclette’s characters support Western and Central European languages. Furthermore, the Bicyclette family includes an extended set of monetary symbols. Numerous OpenType features such as small caps, ligatures, proportional lining and oldstyle numbers, tabular figures, fractions and scientific superior/inferior figures provide plenty of typographic flexibility.

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Bicyclette - trendy sans-serif font family by Nikola Kostić
Bicyclette – trendy sans-serif font family by Nikola Kostić
Bicyclette - different weights
Bicyclette – different weights
Bicyclette - ligatures
Bicyclette – ligatures
Bicyclette - text sample
Bicyclette – text sample
Bicyclette - type sample
Bicyclette – type sample
Bicyclette - OpenType features
Bicyclette – OpenType features
Bicyclette - tabular figures
Bicyclette – tabular figures

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