BETTERTOPIA – detailed illustrations and animations created by IC4DESIGN for Panasonic’s 100th-anniversary global website.

Based in Hiroshima, Japan, IC4DESIGN is a collective consisting of creative illustrators and graphic designers. In collaboration with the team of 1Pac, they have created Bettertopia,
a city filled with smiles and vitality. These super detailed illustrations and animations were made for Panasonic’s 100th-anniversary global website. The cityscape includes lots of Panasonic’s products and services using current and future technology in order to support people’s lives and businesses. Check out the video at the end of the article to explore more of the numerous details and animations. For more of IC4DESIGN’s creative work, please visit their website.

BETTERTOPIA: Panasonic's 100th Anniversary Global Website
BETTERTOPIA: Panasonic’s 100th Anniversary Global Website

Any footage © by IC4DESIGN. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring illustrations here.

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