Shan Jiang’s homage to the elegance of Shanghai during the Art déco era.

Shan Jiang is a London-based illustrator with amazing skills. By mixing different techniques, the illustrator is capable to combine a wide range of styles in this illustrative work. In 2019/2020, Shan Jiang collaborated with ISE to create an artwork inspired by the city of Shanghai from the 1930s—because the Art déco era was probably the most stylish time in the city’s history.

The amazing result of the collaboration can be seen below. For more, just visit Shan Jiang’s website or follow this talented illustrator on Behance or Instagram.

Shanghai Art déco Illustration by Shan Jiang.
Shanghai Art déco illustration by Shan Jiang.

Image © by Shan Jiang. You can find other inspiring work in our popular Illustration category.

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