ANARCHITECTURE, a series of CGI images inspired by iconic architectural pieces.

Adriana Morais, aka Electra, is a 3D designer and Art Director who lives and works in Mexico City. “ANARCHITECTURE” is a series of CGI images where the designer reinterpreted iconic architectural pieces.

Adriana Morais says: “My latest series situates uninhabitable architecture in remote sites – projecting unimaginable houses.”

In this 3D project, CGI modules fit together like building blocks while archways repeat endlessly and stairs lead to nowhere. In the windows, pink curtains are drawn shut, glowing from within. Just take a look at the images below. For those who want to see more of Adriana Morais’ creative work, feel free to visit her website or follow this talented designer on Behance.


All images © by Electra. Do not hesitate to find other inspiring work in the Architecture and Illustration categories on WE AND THE COLOR.

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