The Rebirth of air up®: A Delightful Dance Between Adulting and Inner Child

In branding, where companies strive to captivate audiences and cement their place in the market, air up® has undergone a metamorphosis. Guided by the visionary minds at Mother Design, this rebrand isn’t just a cosmetic makeover; it’s a celebration of the delicate balance between our adult selves and the carefree spirits within.

Rebrand for air up® by Mother Design.
Rebrand for air up® by Mother Design.

Scentaste™: A Flavor Revolution

Before we dive into the rebrand’s intricacies, let’s revisit air up®’s ingenious Scentaste™ proposition. Imagine savoring the flavors you crave without the guilt of sugar or additives. When you sip from an air up® bottle, your brain perceives flavor through scent, transforming plain water into a tantalizing sensory experience. Genius, right?

The Duality of Human Nature

As air up® rapidly expanded its reach, the need for a brand identity that could grow alongside it became apparent. Enter Mother Design, the branding wizards tasked with elevating air up® to aspirational lifestyle brand status. Their strategy? Tapping into the universal tension between our responsible adult selves and our playful inner children.

A Playful Typeface Meets Orderly Grids

The new identity is a harmonious fusion of contrasts. A custom typeface, air up® sans, dances across the canvas with a playful spirit, while a pared-back secondary typeface grounds the design in sophistication. Vibrant colors, reflecting air up®’s flavor spectrum, are tamed by subtle gradients and orderly grids. It’s a delightful tango between whimsy and restraint.

Generative Tech Brings Flavor to Life

To visualize the concept of taste through scent, Mother Design harnessed the power of generative technology software and 3D design tools like Nomad Sculpt and Spline. The result? A tangible visual language that captures the essence of air up®’s sensory experience, inviting audiences to embark on a flavor journey like no other.

A Familiar Logo, Reimagined

While the visual language underwent a transformative overhaul, the air up® logo remained a familiar anchor. Mother Design refined the existing logo, ensuring clarity and impact while preserving the symbol that audiences have come to love. A nod to the brand’s heritage, seamlessly woven into its future.

A Platform for Global Expansion

This rebrand isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a strategic platform designed to propel air up® into the global spotlight. From advertising to packaging, social media to digital channels, the new identity will grace every touchpoint, captivating audiences worldwide and solidifying air up®’s position as a beverage industry leader.

In the words of Toma Perret, Head of Global Brand Strategy at air up®, “We believe the new identity will be one of the cornerstones of our future successes.” And with Mother Design’s expertise, that future looks brighter than ever.

So, raise a glass (or bottle) to air up®’s rebirth, a delightful dance between adulting and inner child, where flavor meets responsibility, and whimsy meets sophistication. Buckle up, because this rebrand is just the beginning of an exciting journey.


Client – air up®
Nima Akbari, Brand Creative Director, air up®

Toma Perret, Head of Global Brand Strategy, air up®
Georgios Charissis, Senior Brand Campaign Manager, air up®
Branding and design studio – Mother Design
Harry Edmonds, Creative Director, Mother Design 
Issey Conway, Design Director, Mother Design
Ethan Hodson, Designer, Mother Design 
Jiwoo Kim, Designer, Mother Design
Annabel Engels, Client Services Director, Mother Design 
Anna Victor, Project Director, Mother Design
Sophie Stucke, Senior Strategist, Mother Design  
Sarah Grech, Copy Director, Mother Design
Iain Acton, Motion Director, Mother Design
Brand Photography – air up® x Melissa Schriek
Melissa Schriek, Photographer
Type Design – Hot Type
Marko Hrastovec, Type Designer

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