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With this set of online courses by Alex Hall, you can learn how to use the industry-leading video editing software from scratch and discover how to professionally edit video and audio.

Alex Hall is a renowned videographer, editor, photographer, and director of photography. With this set of six online courses, you can explore all the ins and outs of Adobe Premiere‘s interface and learn how to use its key features.

In the first online course, you get familiar with the interface and its tools. Thereafter, you will start editing in the second course while learning about how to create a new sequence and explore editing different techniques using the timeline. In the next course, you discover how to use different video effects such as time-remapping, keyframing, masking, and auto-reframing, before exploring the essentials of the graphics panel. The fourth course is all about how to work with color and light using Lumetri. Alex will show you how to correct color and exposure, and how to work with LUTs (lookup tables), HSL (hue, saturation, and light), color wheels, and RGB. In the fifth course, you will learn how to edit sound, use background music, remove background noise, and how cohesively layout the audio. The final online course is about exporting your video with the best settings according to where the video will be posted, and about learning to export multiple videos at once. For further information, just click on the following link.

Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners - 6 courses by Alex Hall
Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners – 6 courses by Alex Hall

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