A new brand was acquired by Acesso in 2015, following nearly thirty years of operations in the São Paulo market. Tiago Rosa, a renowned graphic designer was asked to work on a suitable new visual language for the brand.

The proposal for the redesign aimed to strengthen Acesso’s brand positioning as a company specializing in internal communication. The emphasis was on building a bridge between the customer and their employees. To maintain the brand’s nearly 30-year-old tradition and visual principles, he retained the uppercase and minimalist font but increased the spacing between the letters. Together with his team, he also made a bold move by changing the color from purple to pink, which significantly enhanced the visual changes. Additionally, they introduced a symbol that reflects the new communication standard. The symbol is made up of the letters A and O from the word Access, forming a bridge between the first and last letters. The shape of the symbol also creates an upward-pointing arrow, which represents growth.

Below you can see some images of the new brand identity. You can see more of Tiago Rosa’s creative work on his website and Behance portfolio.

Acesso Comunicação branding by Tiago Rosa
Acesso Comunicação branding by Tiago Rosa

All images © by Tiago Rosa. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring projects in the Graphic Design and Branding categories.

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