A Day In A Life – Illustration Series by Micael Butial

An illustration series that features an ordinary day in Micael Butial’s life.

Micael Butial is an illustrator, graphic and web designer who lives and works in San Francisco, California. To give us a glimpse of an ordinary day in his life, he decided to create this little illustration series.

The series contains 9 flat illustrations of certain dayparts. One ordinary day in his life usually contains 2 bus rides, 3 cups of coffee, 2 glasses of wine, 4 TV shows, countless emails, and 2 design project revisions. Below you can see some of Micael Butial’s illustrated dayparts. How’s your day?

Time to jump out of bed.
Micael Butial’s day starts when the alarm starts buzzing at 7:15 am.
First coffee of the day.
At 7:22 am, he puts 8 scoops of medium roast coffee in the french press. From 7:33 to 8:00 am: he enjoys his first cup of coffee while checking emails.
Packing stuff for work.
After a shower it’s time to make sure that he has all the stuff for work (phone, laptop, mouse, sketchbook).
Time to get dressed.
Now it’s time to get dressed and walk to the bus.
The bus ride to work.
The bus ride to work takes approximately 9 minutes including 8 stops, and 3 songs from his playlist.
Arrive at work.
When arriving at work, he goes straight to the cafeteria to get more coffee and grab some breakfast.
The work mode.
Now the day is filled with different tasks such as read and respond to emails, finish some pending projects, coffee breaks, project revisions if needed, meetings, lunch break, and for sure more design stuff.
Back home.
Micael Butial is usually back home at 5:50 pm. Then it’s time to listen to some music, checking personal emails and design blogs (hopefully WE AND THE COLOR too), reading friend’s posts or watching funny videos of dogs and cats.
Finally time for having some wine, cheese and crackers.
Finally it’s time for having some wine, cheese, crackers and enjoying the rest of the day.


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