Colorful typographic 3D illustrations created by Carlo Cadenas for 36 Days of Type.

Carlo Cadenas is a Buenos Aires, Argentina based freelance art director and graphic designer with a special interest in typography. Already in 2016, he has successfully participated in the international 36 Days of Type project. For last year’s challenge he explored diverse creative ideas using only 3D software. Carlo says it was an amazing experience and he’s very happy that he was able complete the task successfully. The beautiful result of his work can be found below.

36 Days of Type is an international project created by Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea with the aim to invite designers, illustrators, and graphic artists from all over the world to create unique artworks based on our alphabet and the numbers 0 – 9.

To see more of Carlo Cadenas’ inspiring work, please have a look at his portfolio on Behance. Further 36 Days of Type submissions created by other designers can be found here.

Carlo Cadenas, all letters and numbers.
3D illustrations of all letters and numbers created by Carlo Cadenas for the 36 Days of Type project.
Carlo Cadenas, letter C.
That’s his 3D illustration of the letter ‘C’.
Carlo Cadenas, letter U.
Close up of the letter ‘U’.
Carlo Cadenas, numer 2.
And a detail view of the number ‘2’.

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