Creating a logo the easy way: The Wix logo maker.

Graphic designers know creating the perfect logo for a brand can be a time-consuming task and for clients with only a small budget, this can be quite expensive. Today there are more options and tools that help both designers and clients to create a logo in less time. Sure, as a professional designer you certainly prefer to start from scratch to create a unique logo on your own that matches your client’s needs. Even for skilled designers, vector templates can help to save some time. But they still require professional knowledge on how to work with vector graphics. For quite some time, there are also easy-to-use online tools. These applications allow people without such skills to easily create their own logo in just a few simple steps. That sounds almost too good, right? Yesterday I wanted to try it on my own to see how it works. So I signed in to the Wix logo creator. Wix is actually known as an easy-to-use free website builder. In 2018, they launched a logo maker, which allows for the creation of a logo easily and inexpensively. Please read more below to learn how it works.

Wix logo maker
The Wix logo maker is a great solution to create a logo in no time.

Creating a logo online in just a few simple steps.

To sign up into the Wix Logo Maker, you can create a new account by using your email address and choosing a password or simply continue with your existing Facebook account. After signing in, you are asked to type in the name of your business or organization. In the next step, you have to describe what you do so Wix can create a logo design that’s right for you. Then submit your answers to create a free logo online. Actually, Wix generates a range of matching logo designs you can choose from. If you do not like any of the given logos, you can load more until you find the right one. Now you can customize your logo to make it look exactly the way you want. You can change the size, any color, add a background, just to name a few. The Wix Logo Maker gives you several options to customize your design. Last but not least, download your graphic. That’s it!

Wix logo maker
Create a custom logo for your own brand.

Even for me as a graphic designer with years of experience working in the fields of branding and logo design, it was interesting to explore the possibilities of this online generator. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t replace a professional designer – not yet – but I think it’s a great solution for small businesses or individuals who cannot afford the service of a professional graphic designer or simply for those looking for a solution that is quick and easy to use. I recommend you to try it for yourself. It just takes a few simple steps and the customization process is quite fun. You can simply start creating a logo online here. And the best of all, creating as many logos as you want is totally free. You only have to pay if you want to download the logo. There are different options you need to know. You can get your logo plus 3 different website options or download only the logo file with a basic or advanced license. It’s all up to you. If you don’t know what option suits best for you, just ask the Wix help center. To learn more, just have a look here.

Wix logo maker
Branding made easy with the Wix logo maker.

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