Weekend Home in São Paulo, Brazil by SPBR Arquitetos

A unique weekend home designed by SPBR Arquitetos in the 20 million metropolis of São Paulo.

São Paulo is located about an hour from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Especially on weekends, thousands of inhabitants are stuck in traffic jams in their attempt to escape the bustling city. In order to avoid getting stuck behind the steering wheel during the weekends, SPBR Arquitetos’ client asked for a unique house right in the heart of this 20 million metropolis, which provides a maximum of recreation possibilities. Please read more below the first image of this exceptional weekend home.

Weekend home in São Paulo, Brazil by SPBR Arquitetos.
Weekend home in São Paulo, Brazil by SPBR Arquitetos.

Nestled in a tightly built neighborhood, this very special weekend home is equipped with a swimming pool, a solarium and a fully protected garden. The pool and the solarium were arranged as parallel volumes and two pillars were placed between these volumes. The ground level was designed completely free of any construction in order to achieve a maximum of space for the gardens. As a result of this unique architectural concept, the weekend home consists of three different layers with three different atmospheres: the ground level with the protected garden as well as a level with an apartment and the roof area with pool and sauna. The house has been completed in 2014.

Below you can see a few more images of this exceptional weekend home in the heart of São Paulo. For those of you who want to know more about SPBR Arquitetos, please visit their website: www.spbr.arq.br

Rooftop terrace with pool.
Rooftop terrace with pool and sauna.
Front view.
Front view of the house.
Concrete structure.
A massive concrete structure.
Open transitions between indoor and outdoor space.
Open transitions between indoor and outdoor space.
The staircase to the upper level.
Greened courtyard with waterfall.
A greened courtyard with waterfall and beautiful gardens.

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