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Urby, an unconventional and playful sans serif designed by Jakob Runge of foundry Type Mates.

Designed in 2016/2017 by Jakob Runge of foundry Type Mates, Urby is a unique sans serif that comes in 5 weights ranging from thin to black. This playful typeface is complemented by Urby Soft. Both families and their five weights can be used interchangeably. The idea behind the typeface was to design a font that combines seemingly loose dynamic shapes with technical functionality. Whether print or on screen, this display font can be used for themes such as sports, outdoor activities, music, technology, and many more. Please read more below or click on the following link to purchase the typeface. Only for a very limited time, you can get it 50% off!

The fonts are available on Fontspring.

Urby font, a funky sans serif.
Urby font, a funky sans serif with unconventional characters.

Some of Urby’s main features.

All included weights and styles are based on identical widths, which makes it an ideal choice for user interface design. This dynamic display font was made for eye-catching headlines and short text sections. Its playful look and feel is the result of extremely wide apertures in characters like ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘s’ as well as organic stroke endings in the letters ‘v’ and ‘x’. The full character set supports most Latin based languages and includes useful dingbats and several geometric shapes. For further information on all details, just follow the link below.

You can get this family for low budget on Fontspring.

Urby typeface, 5 weights.
The typeface consists of 5 weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black).
Urby text samples.
Some text samples. The typeface has been designed for headlines and short text sections.
Display font – examples of use.
Display font: some examples of use.

Download this family as cheap introductory offer on Fontspring.


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