TT Norms Font Family from TypeType

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TT Norms font family, a geometric grotesk of 18 styles.

Designed by Ivan Gladkikh and his TypeType team, TT Norms is a modern, geometric grotesk font family that comes in 18 styles. Equipped with a huge character set of 9 weights plus matching Italics and countless OpenType features, this typeface is truly a reliable workhorse! TT Norms’ characteristic design is based on clean proportions and a straightforward look. This modern sans serif is the result of countless hours of meticulously accurate type design. The neutral nature of the typeface gets a more humanist twist when stylistic alternates are activated. In addition to all Latin-based languages, the extensive character set supports Cyrillic letters. The great array of typographic features includes superscript and subscript, stylistic alternates, proportional lining, numerators, denominators, ordinals, tabular figures, ligatures, case-sensitive characters, and fractions. The TT Norms font family can be used for both striking headlines and long text in small sizes. To know more about this family, feel free to follow the link below.

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TT Norms font family - geometric grotesk of 18 styles
TT Norms font family, a geometric grotesk of consisting 18 styles.
TT Norms, Basic glyphs
The basic glyphs.
TT Norms, Extensive character set
An extensive character set that offers plenty of typographic options.
TT Norms, Different weights in different font sizes
Different weights in different font sizes.
TT Norms, Typeface details
Some of the typeface details.
TT Norms, Thin to heavy
All weights from thin to heavy.
TT Norms, Straights and Italics
Straights and Italics.
TT Norms, True Italics
It comes with true Italics.
TT Norms, Currencies
It supports various currencies.
TT Norms, Cyrillic letters
Cyrillic letters.
TT Norms, OpenType features
The family is equipped with lots of OpenType features.
TT Norms, Case sensitive
Case sensitive characters.
TT Norms, Ligatures
This is the complete set of ligatures.
TT Norms, Stylistic alternates
It comes with a set of stylistic alternates.
TT Norms, Example of stylistic alternates
An example of activated stylistic alternates.

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