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TT Hazelnuts, a curvy sans serif font family from foundry TypeType.

Designed by Ivan Gladkikh and the TypeType team, TT Hazelnuts is a universal display font family for multi purpose. Equipped with 9 weights plus true Italics as well as decorative elements and plenty of OpenType features, you can use it for both headlines and small text areas. Its curvy look and feel fits perfectly to modern typographic projects such as fashion, advertising, brand and editorial design. Feel free to find further information about all features below or click on the following link.

The family is currently available as introductory offer on Fontspring.

TT Hazelnuts font family from TypeType.
TT Hazelnuts font family from TypeType.

TT Hazelnuts’ typographic features.

With its extensive character set of more than 488 glyphs per font, this unique sans serif type family supports over 80 languages including Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Belarusian, English, German, Polish, Ukranian, French, Dutch, Croatian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, among others. The diverse weights range from a delicate “thin” to a massive “heavy” font plus true Italics for each weight. The set of OpenType features includes ordinals, superscript, subscript, fractions, denominators, numerators, case sensitive punctuation, tabular figures, oldstyle figures, etc. Its geometric yet handmade touch results in a warm and friendly visual experience. Please note, the complete family is currently available (only for a limited time) as introductory offer on Fontspring – just click on the following link.

Download the type family on Fontspring.

Curvy sans serif for multi purpose.
A curvy sans serif with lots of options for multi purpose.
OpenType features.
Some of the included OpenType features.
Example of use.
A well example of use. The diverse weights are looking great on any kind of packaging.

Get the complete family on Fontspring.

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