A collection of interstitials created by animation studio PICNIC for the Travel Channel.

Headed up by Mina Song and Liam O’Connor, PICNIC is a creative animation studio based in London, UK. Commission by the Travel Channel, they have produced a collection of original interstitials, consisting of little-known local knowledge, strict do’s and don’ts as well as pointers on the subtleties of interaction, all conveyed in simple character-led scenes. All artworks and animations were completed by their in-house team, blending a minimalist illustration style with intricate character animation. 5 videos of the series as well as some stills and full credits can be found below. For those who want to know more about PICNIC Studio, please visit their website: http://picnicstudio.tv

Some stills taken from the animations.
these are some stills taken from the animations.

Any footage © by PICNIC Studio.
Script, Design, and Direction: Picnic
Illustration and Character Design: Esther Lalanne
Sound Design and Arrangement: Danca
Lead Animator: Aleksander Saharovsky
Additional Animation: Jeremy Carlen, Dan Stankler, Tom Stockley

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