The Penny Drop Cafe – Branding

The Penny Drop Cafe is bringing a new dining experience to the area of Melbourne’s East.

With a touch of “Brunswickness”, The Penny Drop Cafe is bringing a new dining experience to Melbourne. The owners Steven Liu and Mary Lai hired a collaborative team of graphic designers and interior experts to create a unique place that provides a new perspective on food and coffee in Box Hill. The graphic design studio Pop & Pac was responsible for the development of a uniform visual language. Their graphic concept draws inspiration from the site’s context. A custom-made edgy sans serif font has been used for the logotype. Furthermore, the graphic design team was tasked to develop a range of communication and branding materials such as business cards, coasters, bill folders, signage, menus, coffee cups, stickers, hoarding, etc. The result speaks for itself. Together with a team of innovative interior designers, they have created a place that has not before seen in this area of Melbourne’s East.

The Penny Drop Cafe.
Let’s have a look inside The Penny Drop Cafe in Melbourne, Australia.

Just check out the images below to see it for yourself. For those of you who want to see more of Pop & Pac’s graphic work, do not hesitate and visit their website. With more than 20 years of experience, the Melbourne-based graphic design studio specializes in a variety of creative fields including identity development, strategy, print communication, branded environments, signage design, and web design.

Brand design by Pop & Pac.
A vintage inspired brand design created by Pop & Pac.
Coffee mugs.
Some coffee mugs.
Printed coffee mugs.
The printed coffee mugs.
Vintage inspired graphics.
A beautifully vintage inspired graphic work.
Custom typeface.
The graphic design team of studio Pop & Pac have developed a custom typeface for the cafe identity.
The custom typeface has been used on signage and all branding materials and stationery.
Cafe interior.
This is the sophisticated cafe interior. The Penny Drop Cafe brings a touch of “Brunswickness” to Melbourne.