Celebrating 50 Years of Parkas: A Design Journey with The North Face

In the bustling halls of The Collected Works, a palpable buzz filled the air as the team embarked on a thrilling creative endeavor alongside none other than The North Face. Their mission? To weave a design narrative commemorating the iconic 50 Years of Parkas campaign. With hearts brimming with excitement and minds brimming with ideas, they delved into crafting a design system destined to encapsulate not just the technical brilliance of the parka but its profound cultural significance.

The North Face 50 Years of Parkas - limited-edition campaign zine by The Collected Works.
The North Face 50 Years of Parkas – limited-edition campaign zine by The Collected Works.

The goal was ambitious yet exhilarating—to transcend the mere functionality of a garment designed for extreme conditions and instead spotlight the parka as a symbol deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness. Armed with creativity and an unyielding passion for storytelling, The Collected Works team set out to give birth to a limited-edition zine and a plethora of dynamic motion assets.

Their journey through this design odyssey was nothing short of enchanting. Each brushstroke and pixel placement was meticulously curated to harmonize campaign photography and captivating interviews with a lineup of extraordinary individuals. Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin, modern-day adventurers etched in mountaineering lore, spun epic tales of conquering peaks. Quannah Chasinghorse lent her impassioned voice, articulating the profound impact of The North Face in her advocacy and sustainability endeavors. Meanwhile, Danie Sierra wove a narrative around the parka’s urban cultural resonance, stitching together the fabric of its significance in cityscapes.

The true magic unfolded as these narratives intertwined seamlessly, finding their place within the pages of the zine and breathing life into the vibrant motion assets. Words danced gracefully alongside stunning photography, transporting readers from the lofty heights of the Rocky Mountains to the bustling streets of New York City—all within the confines of this artistic endeavor.

Through a meticulous layout and design prowess, The Collected Works team crafted a tapestry where gripping stories and arresting visuals intersected. They immortalized the essence of adventure, advocacy, and urban culture, encapsulating 50 years of the parka’s profound impact on both landscapes and mindscapes.

As the campaign unfurled, the design system stood as a testament to the power of collaboration—a celebration not just of a garment but of the narratives and experiences it encapsulated. The North Face and The Collected Works had orchestrated a symphony of creativity, inviting all to revel in the brilliance of the parka’s legacy—a legacy that transcends time, terrain, and trends.

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