The graphic design industry has evolved a lot in the past few years alone. Modern technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have simplified the mechanical aspects of creative design work and given the designers the originative freedom they have sought for many years now. The prevalence of the Internet has also given rise to resources like freelancer communities, graphic design services, etc. that can be accessed by creative geniuses, small and big businesses, and even individuals.

Cheap logo vs professional logo

Let’s focus on logos. Today, you can create a good logo for as little as five bucks with the help of freelance designers. In fact, you don’t even have to pay anything as there are websites that allow you to pick different parts of a logo- icon, fonts, colors, etc. and arrange them in the order and orientation you prefer to create a unique design that fits your requirements- all for free! If you want premium logos, then you can also pay a small price to get them. For instance, logo maker services have really changed the game and now designers have to compete with much cheaper AI created logos.

If you decide to take the traditional approach and work with a human designer, then you can easily expect to shell out a few hundred dollars at the very least. This begs the question- why should you ever take help from professionals for logo design when there are cheaper and more accessible services on the Internet?

The following are some of the reasons that show why the best logo designs can’t be created with cheaper options like logo design tools and remote graphic design services:

Oversimplification Leads to Generic Designs

The traditional approach towards creating unique logos involves a comprehensive process. It starts with a client approaching a graphic designer and sharing a design brief that details the kind of logo they want. There is an exchange of ideas and concepts that may or may not involve multiple meetings. The designers themselves then check out some of the modern logo designs for inspiration and then work to create the perfect logo for their clients.

The logo maker software programs that are used by companies across the globe try to offer instant solutions for which few steps are required. The clients can just pick a program, select a few sample designs to let it know the kind of logo they want, and it can create unique logos for them in a matter of seconds! However, there is a lack of personalization in them, and when stacked against labor-intensive designs, the difference is clearly apparent.

2. Quality Logo Designs Demand Formal Training

Graphic designers take special training and education to master the fine art of design and conceptualization. They study subjects like typography, calligraphy, drawing, image manipulation, etc. So, when they work on a design even if it’s just a simple logo, then they apply their knowledge to the design and work to create some of the most amazing results.

3. Experience is Priceless

You can’t put a price on years of industry experience. A seasoned graphics designer who has worked on numerous projects in the past will know what kind of logos work best for a particular business. They might be able to share valuable insights into branding and marketing for your business which you can’t enjoy with new-age tools and resources.

4. Rebranding

Rebranding, in which you have to redo the logo and other branding elements is more common than you think. There are many good reasons to give your brand a makeover. However, the same can be quite expensive and challenging when you have created the original brand with a freelance graphic designer. This is because the editing work can be done best by them as they understand your brand best, but it can be difficult to find them again after a long time. The same goes for online tools like logo makers because sure, they can give you some of the best original logos, but they can’t understand your new vision for your brand like a human designer.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a huge difference between a cheap logo design created by an inexperienced designer a logo maker, and an expensive design created by a professional who has years of experience. The latter might seem like a huge dent in your capital but it’s definitely worth it in the end.


  1. The article is a good attempt at addressing the problem, but it misses the mark.

    In your point #3, you need to expand and elaborate on how experienced designers can save the client a ton of headaches later on by asking all the right consultative questions. It would enormously expand the value of this article if you gave two or three examples of how inexperienced branding efforts can lead to significant challenges or roadblocks down the road for the client.

    In addition – as you pointed out – the designer also brings invaluable insights to the table; insights that the client won’t get from industry publications or journals. They might get it from the large consulting firms but that would mean per-diem rates of $3,000 or above. I feel this article should quantify that value and break it down for the reader so they understand how the fees are well-spent.


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