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Frostbound – Winter Watercolor Templates Collection by Opia Designs

Frostbound, a magical winter collection of watercolor graphics created by Isabelle Salem of Opia Designs. Look at this beautiful set of winter-themed graphics! Isabelle Salem...

Leafy Watercolor Illustrations – Design Kit by Lisa Glanz

Download the Thrive Leafy Watercolor Design Kit, a lovely collection of illustrated design elements created by Lisa Glanz. Look at this beautiful collection of leafy...

Watercolor Wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper

Transform your walls into beautiful masterpieces with watercolor wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper. The creative people of Murals Wallpaper have released a beautiful assortment of watercolor...
Tad Mike, Drawing Through: France and Poland at Thatcher Projects.

Tad Mike, Drawing Through at Thatcher Projects

Drawing Through: Selected paintings and drawings by Tad Mike at Thatcher Projects in New York City. From September 15 - October 22, 2016, Margaret Thatcher...
Lovely illustrator watercolor elements of animals, flowers, logos, and much more.

Download Lovely Illustrated Watercolor Elements

A huge pack of lovely illustrated watercolor elements of animals, flowers, and logos for Adobe Photoshop. Lisa Glanz, a Cape Town based illustrator and designer...

Mammoth Watercolor Media Maker Kit

The Mammoth Watercolor Media Maker Kit with lots of vector graphics, fonts, watercolors, foil effects, patterns, papers, and splatters. This huge pack includes countless brand...
Patterns - watercolor on multiple folded paper

Artist Marcelo Daldoce

The work of Marcelo Daldoce, a New York City based artist. Marcelo Daldoce was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1979. He discovered his passion...
SONIA - ink and watercolor on paper by TIPI THIEVES

The Visual Art of TIPI THIEVES

Stunning Drawings and Paintings. TIPI THIEVES aka Felipe Merida is a Brooklyn, New York-based visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. His artworks are significantly influenced...
Art of Kaspian Shore

The Art of Kaspian Shore

Art Portraits. Selected paintings by Kaspian Shore, an artists who works with acrylics, pencil and watercolor. More artworks by Kaspian Shore here.
Painting by Chris Scarborough

Experimental and Surreal Paintings by Chris Scarborough

Art Inspiration. Some surreal, abstract and experimental artworks by Chris Scarborough. Chris Scarborough’s paintings ar part of numerous private and public collections. Exhibiting since 2000,...
Painting by Pat Perry

Drawings and Paintings by Pat Perry

Standout Illustrations and Paintings. Pat Perry's art is often a mixture of ink or pen drawings, watercolor paintings and sometimes combined with a digital finish.
Interview with painter Andrey Klassen

Artist Interview with painter Andrey Klassen

Paintings and Drawings by artist Andrey Klassen. Today we are proud to have a special interview with Andrey Klassen, a painter from Irkutsk, Russia. Since...